Never In Heart

Always Together, Never Apart. maybe in distance, but never in heart.

He weeps for this and that, but mainly for the knots that had been placed across the whole of his life, knots tighter than clenched fists; placed by women, by a woman. And the only thing that women have taught him is loss.

If he had the chance to tell someone, Senor Alejandro would say - life is not as it seems. And he thinks this and he winks at his mare because he is about to say something that weighs the mass of his world, and so he winks not once but twice, but the mare knows already because she had witnessed it all, she had seen him after the hurricane had entered his heart and left it flushed out; and so Senor Alejandro does not need to tell her but he tells her again, he says to his mare - darling, life is not as it seems.

The landlady drapes the house with folk-tunes, with violin and with wails that screech of lost love and landscape.

it rained the whole of the morning,
we stayed in bed.
it rained later on also.
and yesterday you said tomorrow,
and that is what you said.

We awoke to rain and no one was ready.
The rain slammed hard against the narrow stretch of street down below us.
From the top-floor we could see it all, the street as flushed-out as a broken heart.
We sat with our faces pressed against the window, and we were mostly looking straight into the pit of the sky.
It was bursting at the seams with thick cloud.
It was muggy still, it was still muggy, and all of it was still undecided, you were undecided, I was clutching at straws.
We stayed in silence, slow breaths keeping rhythm, and we were looking at the world from the top-floor, unable to move on because we awoke to rain and no one was ready, and you were still undecided, and I was still waiting, always waiting, days wore on and I was still clutching at straws.